VMSimplex: Vendor Process Overview

Client Adds You as a Vendor

Clients list the vendors they would like to invite to work with them in VMSimplex. The system sends you an email with their invitation.

Vendors Establish Logon Credentials

Client Adds Job

Client puts a job or requirement into the system. Vendors are notified via email there is a job in the system awaiting attention.

Vendors Review Job and Submit Candidates and Rate

Vendors simply list a candidate they would like the client to consider, attach a resume, make some notes, and propose a rate. Depending on the client instructions, vendors can submit multiple candidates.

Client Reviews Vendor Candidates Qualifications, Notes and Rates

Your client can advise you of a status change from within VMSimplex, or they can launch an email to communicate with you.

Client Makes a Selection and Closes the Job

Client makes a selection and closes a job. Vendors are notified.  There is now a complete record of the job, the candidates submitted, and any communication or negotiations. If your candidate has been selected, your client will initiate their standard engagement process.