VMSimplex: Client Process Overview

Client Establishes Logon

Clients are invited to use VMSimplex, or prospective clients may request an invitation via web application. An email is sent with a link providing access.

Client Adds Vendors

Clients list the vendors they would like to invite to work with them in VMSimplex. The system sends these people an email with their invitation identifying the client who has sponsored them.

Client Adds Job

Clients put a job or requirement into the system. Clients have complete control over what information they would like to provide their vendors. They can also simply attach a document or SOW.

Client Selects Vendors to Receive the Job

Clients cans chose one, all, or any combination of vendors to receive the job. It is a simple checklist. Clients can also choose to work with one or a few vendors initially, and then later come back and expand from their list. However you work now can be replicated later. Then you simply press the submit button and the vendors you have selected are sent the job.

Vendors Review the Job and Submit Candidates and Rate

Vendors simply list a candidate they would like the client to consider, attach a resume, make some notes, and propose a rate. Depending on the client instructions, vendors can submit multiple candidates.

Client Reviews Candidates’ Qualifications, Notes and Rates

Clients have several simple tools at their disposal as they review candidates to rank and make notes. With all of your vendors utilizing VMSimplex to submit candidates your review process is much quicker and well organized. Everything you need is at your disposal.

Client and Vendor Communicate through VMSimplex

During client review there can often be some further information or negotiation required to make a placement. VMSimplex provides the opportunity for clients and vendors to do this within the system through notes attached to the candidate submission, or by launching a quick email.

Client Makes a Selection and Closes the Job

Clients make a selection and close a job. Vendors are all notified automatically. There is now a complete record of the job, the candidates submitted, and any communication or negotiations.  Plus, by utilizing VMSimplex your vendors are always in synch and communication is vastly improved.