VMSimplex Free Vendor Management System

VMSimplex is an individual VMS you can run today. It is simple and free.

  • Register as a user and obtain a logon ID
  • Load your vendors
  • Load your jobs
  • With one click, communicate jobs to one, several, or all of your vendors
  • Your vendors bid on your jobs and submit resumes
  • It is all organized for you in VMSimplex

Our experience has shown that the best way to understand the power of automated vendor management is to experience using a system first hand. We sponsor a free VMS to give prospective clients an entry level tool.

  • Some companies find an individual VMS is all they need and simply use VMSimplex long term.
  • Some companies find a simple VMS is an excellent learning tool as they develop an RFP and conduct software reviews. They use VMSimplex as a baseline product as they shop software vendors.
  • Some companies start off using VMSimplex and later implement an enterprise based system.

VMSimplex Login

VMSimplex Registration for New Users

VMSimplex Instructions

A portion of the companies that try VMSimplex engage Main Sail for their vendor management needs and become our clients. We help these clients with their business process and support organizations that require VMS tools at the enterprise level.